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'I’m getting seizures just from looking at it': Pride flag gets yet another update to include intersex people

As Twitchy reported recently, the State Department and the Defense Department are at odds over displaying the Pride flag during Pride Month; State is all for it, while the Pentagon recently said it will stick to its current policy and not fly the Pride flag at military installations.


It was only recently that we learned that there’s more than one Pride flag, though. The traditional one simply shows the rainbow colors and represents the LGBTQ community. However, to be more inclusive, the Pride Progress flag was created, adding the colors of the transexual flag as well as black and brown triangles to represent marginalized communities of color.

Now the flag is being updated again, this time to include intersex people. Here’s what it looks like now:

Intersex people are now represented by a yellow triangle with a purple circle in the middle. Pink News UK reports that “it intentionally stays away from traditionally gendered colours of blue and pink to celebrate the intersex community.” “The circle is unbroken and un-ornamented, symbolising wholeness and completeness, and our potentialities.”




What do you all have against intersex people?


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