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CNN features scholar's 'fast-moving' new book that claims the Second Amendment isn't about guns but 'anti-Blackness'

While we all wait to see if Dr. Anthony Fauci’s book is going to come back online, CNN is recommending another book that’s out now. To be fair, they’re not “recommending” it, they’re just reporting on it being out there. But why this book? Because its author says that the Second Amendment was drafted to keep African Americans “powerless and vulnerable.” We usually count on NPR to tell us what to read, but let’s see what CNN has to say in its really long interview with the author, along with a rebuttal by constitutional scholar … who are we kidding, there’s no rebuttal of anything she says.


John Blake reports:

Anderson cites legislative debates from the Founding Fathers and a range of historical records to make some bold points. She says some early lawmakers who supported the Second Amendment were more worried about armed Blacks than British redcoats. She says that even after the Civil War ended, many Southern states banned Black citizens from owning weapons.

And that famous line about a “well-regulated militia?” Well, that was inserted primarily to deal with potential slave revolts — not to repel a foreign army, she says.

“Anderson’s book is a fast-moving narrative with plenty of startling statements” (along with those “bold points”) says the objective reporter, whose understanding of the Second Amendment can be assumed from this question:

What would you say to people who argue the reason the Second Amendment was so important in the 18th and 19th centuries was not so much race but security? If you were a farmer isolated on the frontier, you needed guns to hunt, to protect crops from predators and defend your family.





Just to show how objective he is, Blake wraps up by asking:

You’ve written about White rage and the recent campaign to suppress voting among Black people. And you’ve written powerfully about how racism is so adaptable and durable. How do you still have hope for this country?

So the scholar of white rage has also written about the recent campaign to suppress the black vote. We’re surprised he added “recent” as a qualifier. They’ll probably stealth-edit that out later.


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