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Dictionary.com changes its definition of 'court packing' to fit the Left's current narrative

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Jim Jordan on Monday asked in a tweet why Democrats won’t admit that they want to pack the courts. Playboy senior White House reporter Brian J. Karem replied Tuesday, tweeting, “Why won’t the GOP admit they DID?”


Even before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, liberals have been accusing Republicans of “packing the courts” simply by filling vacancies with conservative judges. It was a nice distraction from Joe Biden’s refusal to say if he’d consider packing the court — i.e., adding seats to the Supreme Court and appointing enough liberal judges to tip the ideological balance.

J.D. Graham noted that Dictionary.com literally did change the definition of court-packing sometime between November and December.

Court-packing used to be defined as “an unsuccessful attempt by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937 to appoint up to six additional justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, which had invalidated a number of his New Deal laws.” However, the dictionary added a second definition: “the practice of changing the number or composition of judges on a court, making it more favorable to particular goals or ideologies, and typically involving an increase in the number of seats on the court.”


No, there’s nothing “typical” about increasing the number of seats on the court. That’s court-packing. Dictionary.com responded:




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