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Kurt Eichenwald says the GOP, like the Nazis before them, are laughing about the COVID-19 holocaust

New York Times bestselling author and tentacle porn enthusiast Kurt Eichenwald is taking COVID-19 very seriously while stewing that others aren’t. On Friday, he wished for Rep. Jim Jordan to suffer after telling Americans to enjoy Christmas:


We would like to see the line that directly links COVID-19 deaths directly to people like Jordan (and proof that Jordan doesn’t “care”). And even though Eichenwald has “Masks Save Lives” in his Twitter handle now, we’re old enough to remember when people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Rep. Eric Swalwell were telling us not to wear masks.

Eichenwald has been keeping an eye on the COVID-19 casualties and notes that we’re reaching Holocaust numbers, and the GOP, much like the Nazis, are ignoring it.

In case that got cut off, the last line reads, “And dismiss the dead as unimportant.” Comparing the Republicans to the Nazis is de rigueur for progressives, but we don’t equate caring about the quality of life of the living as ignoring the dead.



Yeah, that’s him.


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