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'A big change': NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reports that a Biden administration isn't going to be political

Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck trimmed the clip pretty close, but we still get the idea; according to NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, Joe Biden will appoint people to his administration who will tell him not what he wants to know, but what he needs to know, and that is a big change from the Trump administration, where everything was political. A Biden administration will not be political.



Another big change will be that the mainstream press will report what Joe Biden wants them to report, not what they need to be reporting; it’s not going to be political.


He’s getting the band back together! It’s Obama 2.0, just as we suspected, except without charismatic leadership. Not political?

We’ll never get tired of that GIF. It’s good to know that the mainstream media approves of Biden’s cabinet picks, though.


* * *


Steve Guest notes that the memo has gone out from Team Biden. Here’s ABC’s Martha Raddatz telling us Biden’s picks are not political people:



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