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Wajahat Ali says Joe Biden should heal the nation through fireside chats while others attack, attack, attack

As Twitchy reported the other day, Joe Biden tweeted that his supporters should not treat their opponents as the enemy. That tweet, obviously sent by a staffer, did not fly with Biden’s followers, who argued that Trump supporters are fascists and therefore are the enemy. If President Biden is going to unite the country, he’s going to have to stop calling lids at 9 a.m. and make it a full-time job.


The New York Times’ Wajahat Ali has an interesting take: He wants Biden to heal the nation while others go on the attack on his behalf.


“Popular policies the country needs to literally survive.”

So, in other words, Biden is just a figurehead giving fireside chats while other more extremist Democrats attack, attack, and attack. Who suspected that?

Remember when Chris Hayes was pontificating about what to do with Trump supporters after a Biden victory? “Some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”




It’s not such a bad idea … Biden won’t even have to leave his basement to give those fireside chats. Vice President Harris can hold down the Oval Office and monitor the war room.


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