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Wide shot of Joe Biden's rally in Georgia gives a good idea of the massive crowds he's drawing

This editor did a lot of posts on Mitt Romney’s rallies back in 2012, and they were well-attended. We all know how that turned out, though, so we’re not setting our hopes on rally attendance: If we were, President Trump would have it in the bag and then some, even if most polls show him trailing Joe Biden.


Still, with only a week to go and Biden popping up out of his basement sporadically to make in-person appearances, it’s hard not to notice the enthusiasm gap. We realize he’s doing his thing to show that he’s being responsible and social distancing, making reporters and voters sit in white circles on the ground, but this video of Biden’s long walk to the podium in Warm Springs, Ga., really shows what a Biden rally looks like; normally, we only see the podium and the American flag banner behind it.

Is that giant thing a teleprompter? We can’t tell from this angle, but we wouldn’t doubt it.


At least his rallies aren’t some potential super-spreader event, as Amy Coney Barrett’s swearing-in ceremony was, according to CNN.


We’re not sure about those polls that have him 20 points ahead, but it will be amazing if he wins only because he had the media do his campaigning for him 24/7 while he did events like these.


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