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USA Today columnist says to note today's date, 'the darkest day in Big Ten history'

As Twitchy reported earlier Wednesday, the Big Ten is back, with the first games scheduled for the weekend of October 23-24. The Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors released an extensive statement detailing the significant medical protocols it had adopted, including “daily antigen testing, enhanced cardiac screening and an enhanced data-driven approach when making decisions about practice/competition.”


President Trump was thrilled to hear the news, tweeting that starting up Big Ten football would be great for everybody. USA Today columnist Christine Brennan took a different tack, asking us all to take down the date, which marks “the darkest day in Big Ten history.”

Did we mention that Brennan managed to work Trump into her piece?

Or, we could call it the Trumpeting of the Big Ten. It was just two weeks ago that Trump, desperate to win votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, told the conference to play football. Originally, the league stood its ground. Rutgers president Jonathan Holloway aptly called it “cheap politics.” But wouldn’t you know, the university presidents ended up following right along, giving Trump exactly what he wanted.




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