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After razing CHOP, Mayor Jenny Durkan praises the weeks of 'incredibly peaceful demonstrations' there

As Twitchy reported earlier, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan put out an order early Wednesday morning for police to clear everyone out of the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), and it only took an hour for cleanup crews to sweep the entire mess into a pile of debris. Seattle has its East Precinct back, which is nice.


It’s not all gone, though. Durkan has said that she’ll honor what once stood there by keeping up the “art” and that pathetic community garden that was nothing more than a thin layer of topsoil over a tarp with some vegetables thrown on top.

Looking back, Durkan remembers the weeks of “incredibly peaceful demonstrations” that took place in the city blocks that she just had the cops clear. Hey, only two people who were shot died!

Black Lives Matter? A black 16-year-old was shot and killed and his black 14-year-old passenger wounded by what appeared to be a couple of overzealous border guards. Durkan’s getting quite the ratio on that tweet: She has around 400 retweets so far and 1,700 comments.


Wait … she sounds like Joe Biden. “We can only bring to undo the trauma and injustice by centering the voices of to send who have been most affected.” Whatever that means, she’s going to continue to do it.




It wasn’t “pure” anarchy … they did have that “warlord” who was handing out AR-15s from the trunk of his Tesla patrolling the streets.


At least they’ll reportedly keep the garden going so that they can harvest its rich bounty this fall.


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