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'A complete hit job': James Woods notes that Michael Flynn was 'openly wary of Obama’s love affair with Iran'

Anytime anyone has any doubts about the Obama administration and its “special” relationship with Iran, look no further than President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and his Twitter timeline any time President Trump criticizes Iran or threatens to impose sanctions. Or look at Secretary of State John Kerry, who pushed for the Iran Deal just as hard and was disheartened that President Trump had “rushed to confrontation” with Iran. As recently as 2018, Kerry has been engaging in some shadow diplomacy with Iran, and he reportedly told representatives from Iran to wait out the Trump presidency so eventually, the nuclear deal could be reinstated.


James Woods notes that Michael Flynn was an expert on the Middle East and was no apologist for the largest state sponsor of terrorism.

That’s such a classic shot.

Well said. And there’s Ben Rhodes, insisting that Richard Grenell declassifying documents is the real scandal.


Too true. Where’s he been?


It took the Wall Street Journal to finally break that story. And what about Sen. Lindsey Graham? Will he finally put some of that talk into action?


What happened to the guy from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings?



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