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Bloomberg reporter notes bad news for 'Donald Trump's recommended coronavirus treatment'

Apparently, this is the tweet that led a husband and wife to ingest fish-tank solvent because President Trump “recommended” this particular cocktail that had shown some promise in Europe:


It’s almost as though reporters are so cynical they can’t process optimism, which is President Trump’s default mode. He said the drugs had “a real chance” to be a game-changer in the fight against the coronavirus. But now a small study in China is pouring cold water on “Donald Trump’s recommended coronavirus treatment.”

Alex Wayne sounds … not a bit disappointed.



If the combination of drugs does prove to cure or at least lessen the duration of COVID-19 infection, will it still be “Donald Trump’s recommended treatment” or will they have to come up with another way to spin it?

* * *


So what’s in the water cooler in the Bloomberg break room?



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