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'2016 all over again': MSNBC contributor upset that cable news is giving President Trump free airtime

We’ve found that there’s usually a theme that emerges each day here, and today’s is the outrage by members of the mainstream media that the mainstream media continues to carry President Trump’s daily press briefings on the COVID-19 pandemic. The Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and more are all pondering what to do: not carry them at all, or maybe just tape-delay them and edit out Trump’s remarks. After all, Trump’s already killed one man by going on TV and telling him to ingest fish-tank solvent his wife found in the pantry.


They’re not worth a separate post, but Jezebel is calling for an end to televising the briefings:

Poor Gabriel Sherman, a Vanity Fair correspondent and MSNBC contributor, is seeing 2016 play out again right in front of his eyes, when MSNBC and Joe Scarborough gave candidate Donald Trump millions in free airtime. (Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton’s camp wanted Trump to be the GOP nominee, so the media did too.)




Meaning he can go on MSNBC later tonight and complain all he wants to an audience of hundreds.


The former president whom the media fawned over told them that elections have consequences.

* * *


Sorry we missed this; he wasn’t done crying yet:



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