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'Can I have my money back?' Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan forgiveness

There are a lot of people who are very excited about the idea of student loan forgiveness and free college. Their usual arguments go something like, if doctors discovered a cure for cancer, would you withhold it from the next generation just because yours didn’t have it? And then you try to explain with puppets and crayons that no one voluntarily applies to get cancer — school loans are a choice.


A lot of people who saved for college and paid back their student loans have wondered why they’re not getting a refund on the college tuition they paid, and one father got to ask Elizabeth Warren is he could have his money back. “Of course not.”

Didn’t Warren make upwards of $400,000 for teaching two courses during her last four semesters at Harvard? Is she giving that money back because college should be free?





She had to get to her precious “selfie” line probably.

She could always go back to Harvard if they’re looking for minority applicants.


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