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CNN's Chris Cillizza explains how Joe Biden got his groove back and people have questions

Chris Cillizza writes a new piece of political analysis for CNN each day, and each day it’s either ignored completely or ratioed into the ground. We try to highlight only the most special of Cillizza’s analyses, and we knew we had something special when he wrote a piece about how Joe Biden got his groove back.


Did Biden ever have a groove to begin with aside from the ones on his old 78 rpm records? Cillizza writes:

It’s impossible to see what has happened to Biden’s numbers without acknowledging Trump’s role in it. Contrary to the advice of his advisers, the president has repeatedly attacked Biden — on and offline. Which has had the effect of making Biden’s argument for him — that he is the strongest Democratic candidate against Trump and that the incumbent is afraid of him.

“He’s afraid of just how badly I would beat him next November,” Biden said of Trump while campaigning in Nevada In October. In the November presidential debate, Biden made much the same argument: “I’ve learned something from these impeachment trials — I’ve learned that Donald Trump doesn’t want me to be the nominee. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president.”

The more Trump attacks Biden, the more a sense of Biden-as-de-facto-nominee sets in.

Trump supporters certainly aren’t going to buy that, and Cillizza’s more progressive followers are angry that he seems to be rooting for Biden.


He hasn’t bled from the eyeballs at any town halls lately, so that’s a plus for him.


Sadly, CornPop is no longer with us … he’s with Merrick Garland now.



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