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ABC News reporter: Large number of adult men all over the world cyberbullied 16-year-old girl with autism

It was way back in April when we did a post on how, after she’d stopped by Parliament in the U.K. to talk climate change, Greta Thunberg would be immune from criticism because she checked so many boxes; criticism would be perceived as “an attack.”


And yet … some adults must be facilitating her trips around the world and her speeches before European parliaments.

As Twitchy reported, sports journalist Molly Knight weighed in after Thunberg’s testimony before the U.N. by saying, “The very worst men on the Internet are rightfully terrified of sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg and it is glorious.”

We don’t know the very worst men on the Internet, but we do know that a lot of conservative men were terrified for her — she’s convinced there’s no point going to school because she’ll be dead from climate change, and no one who might talk her out of that belief is allowed close enough to “attack” her.

Anyway, ABC News reporter Julia Macfarlane stepped out of her unbiased reporter’s shoes and called out all the Twitter cyberbullying she’d seen all day:

Notice how important it is for all of Thunberg’s supporters/acolytes to defend her not with facts about climate change but with references to her autism. She’s 16, she has autism, do not question her.


If she started into a pro-life speech?



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