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WaPo columnist: It's a 'lingering wound' that Brett Kavanaugh never just said he was young and dumb and drunk

Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse, who writes about gender and society, has offered up her take on the “new” allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh following that New York Times book adaptation/smear piece, and she’s upset that Kavanaugh chose to defend himself by insisting that the allegations leveled against him were false. He should have just said he was young and dumb and drunk at the time.


Progressives have done nothing since Hillary Clinton lost the election than open lingering wounds that have divided the entire country. Gee, what reason could Kavanaugh have had for denying the (flimsy and uncorroborated) allegations against him?

Maybe, just maybe, progressives were so desperate not to have another conservative justice on the Supreme Court, especially one they assumed would join with the others to overturn Roe v. Wade the second he got the chance, they tried to scuttle his nomination with baseless charges.


But aside from that …


And that was the Hail Mary after Kavanaugh refused to drop out; his outright anger at being accused of sexual assault and not contrition obviously meant he didn’t have the proper temperament to be a Supreme Court justice. He should have just sat there calmly as he was slandered.




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