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Grade-A trolling: Comfortably Smug reminds us it's National Jon Ossoff Lost Anniversary Day

Maybe our memories aren’t what they used to be, but Georgia’s special election in June 2017 was the first time we really remember celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Mark Ruffalo, and Alyssa Milano getting out of their Hollywood bubble and doing their best to support a Democratic candidate nowhere near California. They really saw it as a bellwether and a must-win. On election day, Milano even tweeted this:


Narrator: It wasn’t possible. It was also the start of the Alyssa Milano curse, which seemed to derail every Democrat she threw her support behind. (It gave us hope when she stood up for serial hair-sniffer Joe Biden and posted photos of the two of them together.)

Twitter troll par excellence Comfortably Smug decided to rub it in:


We’re shocked Vanity Fair’s Annie Leibovitz photo spread of Beto and his sad dog didn’t give him a bigger boost in Iowa.

We also remember him not being able to vote for himself because he wasn’t a resident of the district he was running to represent. But hey, it was Hollywood that kept pumping in all the campaign cash. It was estimated that 97 percent of donations came from out of state.



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