No, we don’t yet know who won the election in Georgia. We’re old enough to remember when everyone thought the 2016 presidential election would be wrapped up by 9 p.m., so we know enough not to predict any winners. This much is obvious: it’s going to be close.

Still, when a superfan like Alyssa Milano, who lives even further from Georgia’s 6th District than Jon Ossoff does, begins tweeting stuff like this, you know no one’s expecting a Democrat landslide.

The GOP, which was on the receiving end of a brutal scolding from Milano when it trolled Dems over James Comey’s opening statement, did some nice trolling Tuesday night:

Is the rainy weather in Georgia depressing turnout?

Big news from a top GOP source!

Just after 9 p.m., the patient seems critical — keep believing in believing!

Mail ballots (say it with me)!

* * *


OK, after Alyssa Milano’s tweet, this is by far the least encouraging sign we’ve seen for Ossoff:

* * *


Hugs for everybody!

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