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Gabriel Malor pours some much-needed cold water on the 'constitutional crisis' firestorm

These tweets are actually from Wednesday, but we thought they were still relevant today, seeing as Rep. Jerry Nadler’s declaration of a “constitutional crisis” has spread to both the news media and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said Thursday morning that she agrees with Nadler that we’re in the midst of a constitutional crisis, but that President Trump is currently “almost self-impeaching,” so the problem might solve itself without her having to do anything.


Attorney Gabriel Malor would like everyone to calm down.

They’ll never take the advice, but we especially like the part about pundits not falling for the bait and blowing this clown show way out of proportion. Cover the news, please, not poor theater.

(Twitter ban in 3… 2…)


Malor, who calls them as he sees them, also thinks the Democrats are overplaying their hand here, badly.

FRCP stands for Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, in case you were wondering.

“As I discussed with Maddow tonight…”



And once again, here’s a classic Nadler tweet from 2012:

And here are two bonus takes from Brit Hume and Jim Geraghty:



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