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HOW ABOUT NO: Ari Fleischer says Trump should declare victory and move on after Mueller report

We really like Ari Fleischer, but what we’re seeing at this very moment is Democrats with the redacted Mueller report in their hands showing no collusion and they’re still drawing up articles of impeachment. We’re not sure how President Trump obstructed justice in the absence of a crime, but it just didn’t matter: Democrats have had impeachment on their minds all along; they were just counting on the Mueller report to give them the perfect time to pull the trigger.


Fleischer says the president should just declare victory and move on … with the Democrats nipping at his heels for the next two years claiming he’s guilty of something; Mueller just ended his investigation too soon, didn’t interview Trump, etc.

We really, really would like that, but as we said up top, the Democrats have spent two years making it as difficult as possible for POTUS to do his job — why do you think #Resist has been their uniting hashtag since before the inauguration?



Don’t let Ilhan Omar see that tweet or she’ll call it an incitement to violence against her.


It really is. We’re not going to be satisfied just running BleachBit over everything that happened behind the scenes in 2016.


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