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Competition to redesign Notre Dame Cathedral an 'extraordinary opportunity' — for wokeness

France announced earlier this week that it would hold an international architects’ competition to rebuild the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral, which collapsed during the great fire that destroyed much of the historic landmark.


Norman Foster writes in The Times U.K. that the competition would be an “extraordinary opportunity” — to screw up something that was perfect.

Jazz Shaw of Twitchy sister-site HotAir nailed it:

Because just imagine all the things you could do if you were to build Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019, in the age of wokeness?


Where’s the chainsaw bayonet attachment in that artist’s rendering?


Peace be with him.

You mean a Starbucks, right? They should put one in there … right next to Chick-fil-A — but the church might not allow that.

Wow, the proposed glass roof would be littered with the mangled corpses of birds.



We wouldn’t take that bet.


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