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Rep. Ilhan Omar's tweet backing Russia on Venezuela and opposing Trump's 'coup' gets even worse

As Twitchy reported Thursday night, Rep. Ilhan Omar shocked no one by coming out against President Donald Trump’s “coup attempt” in Venezuela, and she was roundly schooled.


First of all, the opposition to Nicolas Maduro is hardly far-right; and second, this is in no way a coup, and especially not one orchestrated by the United States.

Journalist Yashar Ali noted Friday that Omar doubled down on her tweet, sending a power fist emoji to Rania Khalek. Who’s Rania Khalek? Here’s Ali to explain:

Last we’d heard, progressives were insisting that President Trump was a puppet of Putin and Russia had rigged our election.



They really are. She’s deleted a bunch of them, but she seems committed to standing against Trump’s “coup” in Venezuela and accepting the backing of some really shady people.

Ali was roundly slammed in the comments to his thread, being called a “McCarthyite” and worse, but a few sane voices made it through the clamor:



In case you missed it, here’s Robby Starbuck with a roundup of Omar’s week:

Thanks, Minnesota.


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