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Now freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar is alleging that Sen. Lindsey Graham is 'compromised'

Oh, come on. Didn’t we just do this yesterday? Yes we did.

As Twitchy reported Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle implied on the air that President Trump or someone else had “something pretty extreme about Lindsey Graham” and was using it to blackmail him. “We’re gonna have to leave it there,” Ruhle added, probably because she had absolutely no evidence to back up her claim.


Qasim Rashid, host of the Re-Sight Islam podcast (#Jihad of the Pod … his hashtag, not ours), agreed, and caught the attention of freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, who agreed wholeheartedly that yes, Graham is compromised.

Who’s “they,” and does this mean “they” have something extreme on all the other Republican candidates who trashed Trump during the primaries yet support him on issues like border security?

This really is dangerous rhetoric coming from a member of Congress.

CNN will be all over this.

Even supporters are suggesting Omar tone it down a bit now that she’s tweeting as a member of Congress.


If she’d seen the proof, she would have posted it.

Better yet, don’t.


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