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Oliver Willis getting prepped for conservatives to trash-talk the next Democrat to pass away

Overall, the media’s been pretty nice about the death of former President George H.W. Bush, although Bush Derangement Syndrome has caused some unforced errors, like the New York Times retelling a debunked anecdote from 1992 to make Bush look stupid and out-of-touch. And then there’s Vox, reminding us that Bush was accused of groping eight women.


Media Matters alumnus Oliver Willis is already getting ready for the next time a prominent Democrat dies, when conservatives will make classless remarks — just like conservatives rioted when Mitt Romney lost in 2012 or the GOP lost the House in 2018.

Remember how thoughtful Willis was when Charles Krauthammer announced he had terminal abdominal cancer and only weeks to live? We do.

Yeah, we will be totally respectful, just to piss him off by being the better people.

The thing is, conservatives can actually separate, say, a president from the presidency and maintain respect for both, even through disagreements. If we recall, it was a lefty college professor who celebrated Barbara Bush’s death and couldn’t wait for the rest of her family, especially her husband, to die. (We’d love to see her thoughts on President Bush’s death, but she’s since protected her account.)





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