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Tom Arnold gets a visit from the Secret Service, issues statement thanking them and slamming Trump

The Secret Service isn’t saying anything about its visit to Tom Arnold’s house other than to say they don’t “confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations” but do take threats to their protectees seriously.


The Secret Service doesn’t have to say anything, because Arnold recorded their exchange on a home security camera and released the video to David Corn of Mother Jones. (Full disclosure: we didn’t watch it because we don’t care, just like any Tom Arnold project.)

We’re not sure which tweet, in particular, compelled the visit; a quick search of our archives reveals Arnold ready to body slam President Trump at any rally, at any time between late October and the midterms. Oh, and he also tweeted that “Next time Kathy [Griffin] won’t be holding his fake head!” (He deleted that one.)

Arnold released a statement thanking the Secret Service and saying he understood their message that words matter — now if only the president would get the message that words can incite violence.

Hey, at least he made the Hollywood Reporter!


It’s also sad that the Secret Service has to keep making visits like this one. They also weren’t amused by Griffin’s display of Trump’s bloody, severed head, explaining, “We don’t have the luxury of knowing a person’s intent.”

Maybe turn down the TDS a couple of notches before tweeting? Not that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would ban a liberal celebrity.

P.S. How’s that search for the pee-pee tape going?


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