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'Evil' Betsy DeVos demonized for plan that affords due process to students accused of sexual misconduct

You might have seen this story on Twitchy Wednesday night, but the Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow has picked up on it and written an excellent piece about a male student whose two-year suspension from the University of California Santa Barbara was reversed by the courts, which noted there wasn’t even the semblance of due process in the school’s handling of the case.


Schow writes about how the school handled “Jane’s” allegation that “John” sexually assaulted her:

A female student claimed a male student assaulted her while they lay next to each other on a bed one night after drinking. Just a few feet away, the man’s girlfriend and roommate were talking, and neither heard or saw anything corroborating the woman’s claims. The school suspended him anyway.

John submitted his evidence and list of witnesses by July 6, while Jane submitted nothing. The day before the hearing, July 11, John was notified that it would be pushed back to Aug. 16 “to ensure all requested information is gathered, made available for review in a timely manner to all parties prior to a hearing, and available for review by the [Committee] during the hearing.”

John contested, saying one of his witnesses – his girlfriend – would be studying abroad at that time and would be unable to attend. He was overruled.

John tried to question Jane about the side effects of the antidepressant she was taking the night of the alleged assault. Those side effects – made worse by consuming alcohol – included “hallucinations and sleep paralysis and night terrors,” according to John’s testimony.

John’s mother called the manufacturer to ask about the effects of the medication, but was not allowed to testify about what she learned.


There’s a lot more to the story, but like we wrote Wednesday night, this is exactly what Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to address with reforms of Obama-era policies, but her efforts are always framed as making it more difficult for victims to find justice.

ABC News reported on DeVos Thursday:

ABC News reports that “the revised guidelines are being pushed by a small group of advocates who have told Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and other high-ranking government officials in private meetings that they believe male students are often falsely accused and face expulsion from colleges and universities with little due process.”

None of that seems to matter; DeVos has been harshly criticized before, and check out these responses to ABC News’ tweet:



It’s the Handmaid’s Tale all right. At least some people still have some perspective:



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