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'Job interview my a**': Jebediah Bila destroys liberal talking point on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation

The Twitchy audience was watching the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle closely, so you too saw when the Democrats started to pivot from “Kavanaugh sexually assaulted at least one woman” to “Kavanaugh’s temperament during his testimony showed he shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court.”


And when conservatives called for due process and the Democrats came up empty as far as actual evidence that Kavanaugh had assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, the talking point became, “Well, this is a job interview, not a criminal trial. You wouldn’t hire someone who exhibits that kind of anger during his interview, would you?” For example:

In other words, Democrats thought Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s letter was going to convince Trump to withdraw Kavanaugh from consideration, and when that didn’t happen, they assumed Ford’s testimony would destroy his integrity.

On Sunday night, Jebediah Bila tore apart the “job interview” narrative.


It was a job interview where your interviewer called you “evil” and accused you of attempted rape.




Good point.


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