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Ben McDonald breaks down BuzzFeed's charming illegal immigration video

Everyone thank Ben McDonald for watching BuzzFeed’s video, “My Dad Risked His Life For Us,” which is posted on YouTube with the subtitle, “One man stopped at nothing to be reunited with his family,” so the rest of us didn’t have to. OK, we did, but McDonald breaks it down pretty well.


First, here’s the video if you’re interested:

So, what’s the story?

We appreciate the summary, but can we back up to No. 1? The part where dad just “strolled” into American from Mexico? Illegally? Making him an illegal immigrant? And he knew it, because he had someone else carry his belonging so he wouldn’t look “suspicious.”


No, it’s supposed to make you want to go out and vote Democrat. BuzzFeed even offers a discount for a ride-sharing service to get you to the polls: “Need help registering and getting ready to VOTE? Sign up at TurboVote and get access to a 50% off Lyft promo code for your ride to the polls here!”

They didn’t say it, but we will: Offer applies to American citizens only.


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