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LGBT student group argues that gulags were good, anti-trans bigots literally kill and must be re-educated

This is one of those crazy threads that just comes out of nowhere and you have to double-check to make sure it’s not a parody account and you’re not being had. If it’s any consolation to our American readers, Goldsmiths University of London and its LGBTQ+ organization are in England, so the crazy is on the other side of the pond on this one.


First off: a TERF is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist; that is, they’re feminists who don’t accept trans women as women — that makes them bad people who need to be sent off to the gulag for re-education, at least according to LGBTQ+ Goldsmiths. Here’s a quick historical rundown on Stalin’s prison camps for those who didn’t know.

Editor’s note: LGBTQ+ Goldsmiths apparently got sick of the backlash and protected its tweets, so we’ll just have to paste in the text:

So… first of all,the USSR no longer exists, therefore “gulags” no longer exist. May as well make a case against orientalism but USSR =/= Russia. Russia is NOT governed by a communist party. Got that? Okay, good.

So… gulags. First myth to debunk: “u work until u die in gulags!!!!”. The Soviets did away with life sentences and the longest sentence was 10 years. Capital punishment was reserved for the most heinous, serious crimes.

Why? The penal system was a rehabillitary one and self supporting, a far cry from the Western, capitalist notion of prison. The aim was to correct and change the ways of “criminals”. If it couldn’t be done in 10 years, it couldn’t be done at all.

Much like wider Soviet society, everyone who was *able* to work did so at a wage proportionate to those who weren’t incarcerated and, as they gained skills, were able to move up the ranks and work under less supervision.

Educational work was also a prominent feature of the Soviet penal system. There were regular classes, book clubs, newspaper editorial teams, sports, theatre & performance groups.

There’s so much more to add but the reality is none of you actually care to learn about gulags. You don’t care about what fascism actually is and how it fuelled by anti-communist, orientalist myths and lies propagated by the CIA.

Long story short, friends, the ideas of TERFs and anti trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through reeducation. Science must be decolonised and de-essentialised in order for this to happen.

Final note: If your sources are written by fascists or supported by the US State Department, they’re probably pretty trash sources. Good night and remember –


That second-to-last one deserves a screenshot, though. Nice ratio, by the way.

OK then.




Curious that LGBTQ+ Goldsmiths protected their tweets after getting their butts handed to them.


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