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CNN's Oliver Darcy wants the media given credit for Alex Jones being removed from tech platforms

The media did some serious navel-gazing after Jim Acosta was treated to a chant of “CNN sucks” at a Trump rally, but it seems they never quite reached the conclusion that the news isn’t supposed to be about the people reporting the news.


As Twitchy has reported, Infowars’ Alex Jones has been “de-platformed” by a ton of tech companies, including Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify. Heck, even YouPorn put out a statement saying Jones’ videos weren’t welcome on its site … and CNN’s Oliver Darcy seems to think the media deserve more credit for making it happen.

So … CNN and its colleagues are crediting their pressure campaign for Alex Jones’ banning? We kind of thought the media were champions of free speech, even speech they didn’t like. Guess not.



OK, we do have to give credit to CNN’s Jake Tapper — and only Jake Tapper — for keeping the heat on Farrakhan, who eventually did lose his blue check on Twitter, though he’s still free to post, despite whatever rules Twitter has against anti-Semitic speech.





Yeah, CNN, could you get on The New York Times about their hiring of a racist to its editorial board? Hold ’em to their own standards. And maybe look into your own contributors while you’re at it. You put some real wackos on your panels at night.


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