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The latest in TDS 'art': Trump having his throat slashed and … well, you'll see

Trump Derangement Syndrome might be a new discovery for the Associated Press, but the rest of us have been well aware of it for quite a long time.

It seems that celebrities and “artists” are more susceptible than most to contracting TDS, and Newsweek reports this week on a Portland art gallery with a decal of President Trump having his throat slashed stuck on the front window.


Here’s the deal: our intention is not to have our readers deluge the gallery with angry calls, but we can’t find a photo of the decal that doesn’t come with the gallery’s phone number attached, so here you go:


And that’s just the teaser to draw you in to the gallery to see the rest of the exhibit.

Newsweek reports:

The gallery hosted an opening reception to their exhibition titled “F***k You Mr. President” on Friday, showing dozens of artists’ work from across the country, according to its Instagram page. The establishment is still facing backlash from the exhibit on its Facebook page.

The gallery’s Yelp page has also been flooded with one-star reviews and comments about the artwork. Some commenters noted the extremely graphic nature of the work, while others called the decal “disgusting.”

Is it surprising that we’re not at all surprised by any of this? We’ve already seen Kathy Griffin pose for a photo with Trump’s bloody, severed head.

Meanwhile, across the country on Tuesday morning, somebody decorated the Wall Street bull statue with a shirtless Putin mannequin and … a whole lot of dildos.


Is it just us, or is it not cool to put language like “F**k Trump” in your front window or attach a bunch of sex toys to a statue in a very public place? A place where kids might be on a field trip? Won’t someone think of the children? No?

In other news, the really, really underwhelming Trump Baby “blimp” (more like a large balloon and nearly always shot to appear YUGE) is going on tour after making its debut in London.

Funny how one of the Left’s mantras after Trump was elected was “THIS IS NOT NORMAL.” And this is …?


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