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Check out the responses to feminist claiming that NO ONE is calling for open borders

This tweet is a few weeks old but it keeps popping up, buoyed by more and more people responding to take issue with the claim. In any case, Caroline O. is a feminist and behavioral scientist who writes for Shareblue Media.


To be fair, Caroline clarified that, like Speaker Ryan, she wasn’t referring to individual citizens calling for open borders but to Democratic politicians … like, say, Rep. Keith Ellison, the DNC’s deputy chair.

Nice “I don’t believe in borders” T-shirt. What could it possibly mean?

In any case, plenty of individual citizens went ahead and called for open borders, which no one is calling for.





Aren’t these the people who are going to sweep in the blue wave this fall? It sure seems like they want their representatives to lobby for open borders.

But wouldn’t Mexico’s and Canada’s borders just become our borders by default if we got rid of ours?


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