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FLASHBACK: Gov. Andrew Cuomo admits he's MUCH more than 'an undocumented person'

It was just earlier this week when New York Magazine declared that “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon had “already won” in her fight against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo by forcing him even further left through her campaign challenge.


That move seemed awfully transparent last week when, as Twitchy reported, Cuomo declared that he was “an undocumented person,” despite having been born in New York City.

That ridiculous quote got people digging on Twitter, and they struck gold with this quote from January 2017:

Jon Gabriel nailed it:

Keep in mind this video is from 2017, but it certainly looks like a preview of the 2018 campaign for governor.

Or part Cherokee.





* * *


This post just feels incomplete without Brit Hume’s reaction:


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