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Gov. Cuomo allocates $18.5 million to fight gang Joy Reid called 'a phantom bogeyman'

During his first State of the Union address, President Trump managed to set off MSNBC host Joy Reid by continually mentioning the violent gang MS-13 when addressing immigration reform and border control.


At the time, she commented that no one who didn’t mainline Fox News had ever heard of MS-13 …

The previous spring, she called the gang a “phantom bogeyman” that existed only to frighten racist Trump supporters into supporting his border wall:

Obviously, somebody has been encountering MS-13; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just announced that he’s allocating $18.5 million to fight the gang on Long Island.

The New York Post reports:

The money will support anti-gang initiatives by local law enforcement, as well as after-school programs and youth job training intended to discourage teens from joining a gang.

The Salvadoran MS-13 street gang has been blamed for 25 killings on Long Island in the past two years.


Twenty-five killings on Long Island in the past two years? How is that possible?



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