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Matthew Dowd urges us all to go back to being his definition of politically correct

ABC News chief political analyst and “proud Independent” Matthew Dowd always has plenty of deep thoughts to share, and on Saturday, he expressed his wish that everyone go back to being politically correct.


Of course, that wish stems from his own definition of “politically correct,” which means “treating people with respect and dignity.”

He had us right up until the word, “If.” We’d be happy if everyone treated each other with respect and dignity, but that isn’t and never has been the definition of politically correct.

With all due respect, no. Having respect for others is just that; political correctness implies that there are external political pressures at work to make sure what you say is “correct” — i.e., doesn’t risk hurting the feelings of others who might disagree.






There’s a reason the term political correctness was coined, and it wasn’t as a synonym for respect and dignity.


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