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Student targeted for expulsion after refusing to try on a hijab; Jenna Jameson schools

It doesn’t take much searching to find photos of University of Central Florida student Kathy Zhu (@PoliticalKathy) in a MAGA hat, but don’t expect any photos of her in a hijab anytime soon, despite the opportunity on campus Thursday in honor of National Hijab Day.



Zhu took a series of photos of the booth, including signs saying, “My hijab is empowering” and “My hijab is a sign of understanding.” Fast forward a few hours, though, and one of the proprietors of the booth was trying to have Zhu expelled.

Editor’s note: Here’s a screenshot; it looks like she deleted the tweets and locked down her account after Twitter “did its thing”:

What was that about the hijab being a sign of understanding?

The replies weren’t so sweet from we could gather.













We doubt Zhu has any chance of being expelled, but who wants to bet part of the school’s “compromise” to placate both sides will include some sort of cultural sensitivity training for one side?



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