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Even the writer of the NYT's profile of a white supremacist seems to think it was a swing and a miss

The print version will arrive Sunday, but online readers of the New York Times were able to read writer Richard Fausset’s profile of a white nationalist living in New Carlise, Ohio, a day early.


As Twitchy reported Friday, a New York Times profile of conservative Ben Shapiro — whom some laughably consider “alt-right” — was enough to convince Debra Messing to allegedly cancel her subscription, so what reaction would Times readers have to an actual, self-declared Nazi sympathizer profiled in its pages?

The reception was not good, overall.

Comic Michael Ian Black wasn’t necessarily contrary at all: why not profile white nationalists, especially if they seem more pathetic than powerful in the telling?

ESPN’s Jemele Hill took the same tack:

Late night TV writer Bess Kalb was not a fan of Fausset’s take:


Teen Vogue writer and casual misandrist Lauren Duca:

Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani and Sally Kohn:


Best of all, though, was Hillary superfan Peter Daou, who seemed most angry that those valuable column-inches could have been dedicated to profiling Hillary Clinton voters.

Scratch that … the best take was from author Richard Fausset himself, who confessed in the behind-the-scenes “Times Insider” column that the whole affair was a swing and a miss:

After I had filed an early version of the article, an editor at The Times told me he felt like the question had not been sufficiently addressed. So I went back to Mr. Hovater in search of answers. I still don’t think I really found them. I could feel the failure even as Mr. Hovater and I spoke on the phone, adding to what had already been hours of face-to-face conversation in and around his hometown New Carlisle, Ohio.


At least the Times got “Nazi” trending for no apparent reason over the holiday weekend:


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