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More Thanksgiving fun: Slate explains why turkey day is a sexist 1950s nightmare

What is it about Thanksgiving and liberals anyway — well, aside from those who’d do away with the holiday altogether and throw it on the scrapheap with Columbus Day.


Having the family over for dinner calls for a social justice support hotline for liberal talking points. The New York Times jokes about mixing Xanax into the stuffing. Is Thanksgiving really so bad?

Enter Slate with the answer: Thanksgiving turns your marriage into a sexist 1950s nightmare.

The piece in question does offer some good advice — split up chores by preference, not gender, and involve the kids — but why is there this assumption that Thanksgiving is a sexist nightmare in the first place?

Yeah, what he said.


Thought experiment: did all the women of the 1950s know they were living a sexist nightmare?


Happy Thanksgiving, Slate!

* * *


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