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Campaign logos are a tricky business. About five minutes after the Trump/Pence logo was revealed, some wit on the Internet already had animated it doing something vaguely obscene, forcing a quick do-over by the campaign. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton was going upscale by replacing the “Grillary Clinton” barbecue aprons in her web store with T-shirts featuring Marc Jacobs’ optical 3-D portrait of the candidate.


Now, as the 2018 elections loom ever larger for the Democrats, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is looking for help deciding which of its cool new designs should plaster Prius bumper stickers in blue state driveways.

There’s no doubt the party is madly in love with the words “resist” and “persist,” but neither of those presents much of an agenda aside from opposing the GOP’s. And then there’s the sure winner — “I mean, have you see the other guys?” — which is a nice way to admit you have no bench. Not even progressives don’t seem thrilled with their options in the sticker department.





Exactly. Fortunately, they’re pretty easy to fix without much effort:

* * *



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