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Newspaper journalists best cling to their Pulitzers when scanning these sweet jobs at Waffle House

If that NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll on favorability from last fall still holds, the American news media enjoy a favorability rating somewhere just above basement dweller Vladimir Putin. Remaining on top, of course, would be Canada, buoyed in the No. 1 spot by dreamy and woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some fine maple syrup.


Mystery solved, then:

And … they’re hiring! Perhaps after filling out a quick application, BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson continued his train of thought.

We’ll skip the responses to that one, because Anderson already knew what you were going to say before he posted it.

Fact-check: There is no contempt for a person who just brought you a plate of waffles.

We’ve heard we’re deplorable as well, so no hard feelings. But that train of thought did lead to a worthwhile destination:


Agreed; maybe that’s why the nebulous promise of free college for everyone right out of high school never clicked with us.

Speaking of, Iowahawk was on standby to take Anderson to school.

Journalists? They’re like better-paid firefighters, we’ve been assured.


Best answer: Senior Vice President of Social Justice.

Plus, people like waffles.

Not having to sit through a 30-second video before digging in to a plate of waffles is a huge plus.


Did we mention the news media ranked just above Vladimir Putin in a favorability poll? Shocking.

* * *



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