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Twitter strategists ridicule President Trump's explanation why Syrian missile strike left runways intact

As Twitchy reported, the Tomahawk missile strike launched against a Syrian airbase Thursday night left the runways intact, with Reuters reporting that Syrian warplanes were sighted taking off from the base not that long after it was hit.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, however, said the mission was a success, and that it was the base’s aircraft and refueling capability that were targeted, not the runways.

After being lauded for reminding Syria in no uncertain terms that the red line drawn by Barack Obama was to be taken seriously again, President Donald Trump did what he tends to do: he handed his critics ammunition by tweeting about the strike and explaining why the runways were not the target, giving the press and pundits a chance to do their Monday morning quarterbacking on Saturday.


Suddenly every blue checkmark on Twitter was an expert strategist, although not every response was a knee-jerk reaction.


Yeah, no.


All of those crumbling bridges that were too dangerous to cross? That was all taken care of years ago through 2009’s Recovery Act, remember? That $800 billion+ must have gone somewhere.


… and the option to follow precedent and do nothing.

* * *


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