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President of the resistance urges women to run for office in #IWD message, and fans CAN'T HANDLE IT

This can’t be an easy day for Hillary Clinton.

Don’t read too much sympathy into that, though: it’s simply that women in America have again taken to the streets, this time for the #DayWithoutAWoman protest, which was put together by the same organizers who brought us the Women’s March on Washington … an event that didn’t exactly send Clinton a warm invitation.


Heck, she didn’t even rate a lousy “She Inspires Us” tweet from the folks at Twitter, who gave the honor to her campaign surrogate Leah Dunham instead.

So people must have expected America’s popular president to emerge at some point today with a message that Trump fans would find more difficult to swallow than a day-old batch of Chelsea’s spinach pancakes. Eventually she did, posting a video message via Snapchat.

Yeah, no. Someone else do it.

Well, she’s certainly wearing red, and she’s indoors for a bit, so that’s good news.




Is it just us, or is a day all about female empowerment not the best time to highlight that Hillary’s new haircut is the biggest news she has to offer?

We missed the whole clip. Any tips on running for office? Marching orders for the resistance?


Speaking of resistance, we know we should, but … nah, this is too good.

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