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Rising tide of Trump resistance leads to steep escalation of 'aerial beach photo' protest actions

The people of Twitter trolled CNN pretty hard last month, and for very good reason: the cable news giant had recently promoted its story on 12 friends who met on a beach in Maine to write the word “RESIST” in huge capital letters in the sand and … well, that’s it.


We’ll leave it to historians to one day track the connection between that brave waterfront activity and Trump’s inevitable impeachment or resignation, but others aren’t waiting to make their own contribution to the resistance.

A large group of white people in San Francisco took beach-based protesting to new levels Saturday by … well, we’ll let the photos tell their astonishing story.

Check it out … so many people showed up at the beach on Saturday they had enough left over to underline the word and form multiple exclamation points!!


We have a suspicion CNN might pass on this one, but someone from BuzzFeed is ON IT.


One thing they’re not resisting — their beach privilege. Don’t pretend to be woke, San Franciscans, until you’re brave enough to look at yourselves and admit that until every American has warm sand in which to protest, there is no justice.

* * *



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