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UFC fighter Tim Kennedy ends Deadspin editor's frustration that no one will face him in the Octagon

Whoever was running Ted Cruz’s Twitter feed Tuesday night managed to own Deadspin twice, the second time with the familiar “that escalated quickly” meme, a response to Deadspin telling the senator to “go eat sh*t.”


Deadspin writer Ashley Feinberg came out from behind the curtain to challenge those claiming she’d been owned by Cruz, but it wasn’t long before Deadspin’s editor entered the fray by suggesting that “low-testosterone Ted Cruz enthusiasts” were picking on the writer who actually put herself out there because they couldn’t face the site’s big, strong, cisgender editor-in-chief.


Tim Marchman’s frustration that no one would face him in the UFC Octagon came to an abrupt end when former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy, no stranger to the Octagon, offered up his services to Deadspin’s “pathetic cyber bully.”





This really is pathetic, as it’s the result of an alleged sports website finally getting a rise out of the politician it targeted for harassment and not being able to take a joke when he responded. But if anyone chose to escalate things quickly, it was Deadspin.


It’s only fair to warn Kennedy what he’s up against, now that he’s taken up the gauntlet.





* * *


Hey, Barry — we’re going to need you to handle a few things for the next few days, possibly including a mixed martial arts fight.





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