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Gasp! Another writer questions Taylor Swift's dedication to female empowerment

What more could the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington could have wanted? Millions attended the rally in Washington, D.C., and in cities all over the map, and the event dominated news coverage throughout the weekend.


It looks like it could have been so much more, though, if Taylor Swift had attended herself rather than have sent an inoffensive tweet of support instead.


That single tweet currently has more than 150,000 likes, but some couldn’t find much to like about Swift choosing to operate on the sidelines of politics. Last October, Swift in particular was singled out in piece in Esquire on celebrities who for some reason had chosen “to sacrifice the very values that make them human” rather than campaign for progressive candidates and causes through their social media accounts.

Swift might have escaped the Women’s March altogether if it hadn’t been for that tweet of support, which to some was more evidence that the singer wasn’t willing to commit to the feminist cause.

It’s not. Next story, please.

OK, maybe it was. Swift was cited again for her failure to do more in a piece in the Daily Beast Monday.



Amy Zimmerman’s lengthy piece is a lengthy takedown of Swift both personally and politically — how was it possible, for example, for Swift to keep her 2016 vote to herself?

Taylor Swift wasn’t just not with her—she didn’t even know her. The full extent of Swift’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election was a nonpartisan selfie from the polls. Courtesy of the Instagram, we learned that Swift endorses democracy and cold-shoulder blouses. But in terms of candidates, it was impossible to deduce if she’d voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Jill freaking Stein.

Why couldn’t Swift be more like Ashley Judd, who showed up in D.C. and “put on an uncomfortable accent and did her best spoken word routine.” (Her routine was uncomfortable, but her accent? She is from Kentucky and even considered a run for Senate there in 2014.)

Why so spineless, Taylor? Show some courage and admit you agree with the people bullying you to conform.







* * *

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