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'Doing this would cause trauma': Rockette cries through 90-minute show after inauguration 'bomb-drop'

As much as progressives chafe against the idea of predetermined gender roles, as Twitchy has reported, there has been no shortage of stories of women around the world breaking down in tears over the election of Donald Trump while alpha males like Michael Moore and Robert B. Reich step up to lead the resistance (concert).


Speaking of the resistance concert, it’s planned to take place at the same time as the inauguration, at which at least 13 contractually obligated Radio City Rockettes will be appearing. One, who spoke to Marie Claire under a pseudonym, said she watched a colleague cry through the length of a 90-minute performance after management dropped the bomb that at least some of the dancers would be “forced to perform for this monster.”

Reportedly, 13 full-timers are obligated by contract to perform, while seasonal dancers were given the option to participate. “Mary” said that the majority said no immediately, while a few agreed, either for the money or “because they’re young and uninformed.”

Aside from the risk of the Rockettes being branded as “extreme right wing” for performing where so many others have refused, diversity is at stake, too. Mary said that no minority members that she knows of have agreed to perform: “It’s almost worse to have 18 pretty white girls behind this man who supports so many hate groups,” she reckons.




It might be worth noting, for any who were holding out hope: Donald Trump’s swearing-in is not contingent on the entertainment.

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