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Email shows Clinton team settling on security review talking point to deal with Hillary's 'gotcha problem'

The White House is missing out on a great source of amusement by not commenting on stolen emails. Following the timeline backward, and matching the Hillary Clinton team’s strategy sessions with what eventually ended up in print, can really reveal some gems.


Take, for example, the time in Sept. 2015 when Hillary Clinton told the Associated Press that questions about her email practices hadn’t in any way affected the plan for her campaign. Life comes at you fast sometimes.

It was in that same interview that Clinton floated the idea that the FBI’s investigation into her email server was just a routine security review — an idea that was shot down pretty quickly by anyone paying attention. Actually, she did more than float the idea; she told the press outright that the FBI’s criminal investigation was “not a criminal investigation, it is a security review.”

An email from long-time Clinton lawyer David Kendall included in the most recent dump from WikiLeaks appears to show the genesis of that attempt at spin.


That email is from August 2015, the month before Clinton tried to get away with the absurd claim that the FBI even performed security reviews. Note also the “we say” disclaimer that precedes “we’ve turned over the server for her time in office” — if that’s not a clear sign of a lawyer doing his thing, what is?



Kendall was clearly acting less as a lawyer here and more as a trusted friend helping a friend through a security review; Clinton was likely nervous, seeing as she admitted to the AP that she didn’t know anything technical about servers.

Not criminal in nature? That tidbit can be found in the “fact sheets” directory.



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