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Crowd gathers in El Cajon, Calif., at site of officer-involved shooting of 'erratic' man

It’s pretty obvious where this is headed, as El Cajon, Calif., has just made its way into Twitter’s list of trending topics following the officer-involved shooting there Tuesday of a black man who was allegedly acting erratically in the parking lot of a shopping center.


That’s about all that NBC San Diego has to report at this time, with the addition that the shooting has caused uproar in the community.

10News adds that, according to police, the unidentified man failed to follow the patrol personnel’s directives, leading to a confrontation that ended in gunfire.

A quick scan of the tweets that are sending El Cajon up the Twitter chart claim that the man who was shot was having a seizure and/or was mentally disabled. Eyewitnesses say the man was unarmed, with some saying he was carrying a vaping device, not a gun.



There’s enough information to draw a crowd to the scene.



Police say the man is currently hospitalized with unknown injuries.

The San Diego ACLU has weighed in on reports that police confiscated the cell phones of possible witnesses to the shooting, noting that the organization is waiting for facts but is concerned about violations of the First and Fourth Amendments.


Here’s the story from the police department so far:

We’ll also post updates as they are available; it seems likely this story is going to grow quickly.

* * *



* * *


Police are attempting to put a halt to the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative.

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