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We're really doing this? Dem women campaigning on Hillary Clinton's ability to repress her emotions

We’re hearing all sorts of spin about Hillary Clinton’s medical episode Sunday morning, which was brought on by the heat, dehydration, and/or pneumonia. While some of Clinton’s defenders are going the “no big deal” route, others like Salon are playing up her illness and are awestruck that the candidate is powering through it anyway, because that’s what women do.


Clinton long ago decided to run with the “woman card” as a point of pride, but there are some curious cards shuffled into that deck. Last week, after she shared the (dubious) story of how she struggled to focus on her law school admission test despite claims of harassment by a group of men in the room, DNC Women decided to share her struggle as an inspirational quote, worthy of being etched in marble.

Only two months from the election, it’s telling that the Democrats still seem to think humanizing their candidate with women is a bigger concern than her email scandal.

And while President Obama slams weakling Republicans for being afraid of “widows and orphans” and not having the backbone to stand up to foreign dictators, the “hard path” that Clinton walked during that entrance exam just adds to her appeal as the most qualified presidential candidate ever.


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