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Hear president's partner in fight against opioid abuse lend a verse to 'F*** Donald Trump' remix

When President Obama made ending the nation’s opioid epidemic one of his many No. 1 priorities during his final year in office, he enlisted the help of his close personal friend and fellow Grammy winner, Macklemore.


The president was super-excited to have the former addict and Sesame Street guest on board for the cause, and the two appeared together in a video to announce the launch of their initiative, which, come to think of it, hasn’t really dominated the news.

That’s not to say Macklemore hasn’t been busy. He did find the time recently to contribute to a remix of YG’s “FDT,” which stands for just what you expect it would.

The Grammy Awards are too far off to start making “Song of the Year” predictions, but let’s just agree this chorus is poetry:

Fuck Donald Trump
Fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, nigga, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, yeah, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, nigga, fuck Donald Trump
Yeah, yeah, fuck Donald Trump, yeah


That’s not Macklemore’s verse, obviously, which can be streamed at the embed below — be our guest. Hillary Clinton might had added the track to her official campaign playlist as well, but we haven’t bothered to check.

So, how is that fight against opioid abuse coming?

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